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The core technology uses an Instantaneous Wideband Detector with input bandwidth choices from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. These systems stare continuously at the entire band of interest which may be centred anywhere in the RF spectrum. The sensitivity of the detector, however, is that of a typical narrowband receiver extracting signals from below the noise floor whilst measuring parameters close to the theoretical limits: Typically Cramer-Rao plus 0.25dB. These systems do not need bespoke computer hardware and are often realised using commonly available COTS server products. 


The systems allow support for most types of precision 3-D location and tracking. Chordell can configure to your requirements from single workstation solutions complete with data visualisation to fully configured automated systems. If you would like further information or a confidential discussion about Chordell's ELINT and COMINT systems please email: 

Please note precise specifications may vary and will be subject to UK, Australian and US Export Regulations.

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